January Activities

January Activities
January Activities
January Activities

Donation of Panels
HADPRE received a donation of 1200 Suniva panels from ENGIE North America.  These panels will serve to provide access to basic energy services for off-grid
pico-grids, schools or Hospitals in rural Haitian municipalities in the Northwestern department that would not otherwise have access to electricity.

HCAH – Repair of Biomedical Equipment
In addition to the reparation of the electrical system last month, some of the biomedical equipment in the St Louis du Nord hospital were repaired in January.
Due to a lack of financial resources, a lot of the biomedical equipment used to keep the hospital’s operations running was broken and no longer usable.
Following an in-depth assessment, the selected critical equipment was transported by HADPRE, repaired and re-installed. The repair of these machines
allows for the surgery and gynecology departments, the 2 biggest sections of the hospital, to continue running as usual.

Port Rehabilitation
To foster economic activity and development in the areas HADPRE & Sigora are operating, a seaport is crucial given that roads are in bad
conditions and during rain or political unrest, often not accessible at all. Mole St Nicolas has a seaport which was used for gravel exportation by a US company. The seaport was left very deteriorated after their departure with a sunken bulldozer blocking the dock. After HADPRE mobilized the municipality to cut the
bulldozer apart to remove it from the dock, the US gravel company intervened to take their equipment out of Mole St Nicolas. Work is still ongoing and we are excited to see the progress once we are able to fully remove the bulldozer and start rehabilitating the port.

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