February Activities

February Activities

New Presqu’ile Batteries

After almost 3 years of usage, the batteries in Presqu’ile that provide electricity to approximately 50 households are exhausted and need replacement. HADPRE purchased and installed 12 new batteries, replacing the former 8 – which will allow the village residents to connect a freezer to be able to store and transport fresh fish instead of only drying it. This will lead to higher revenues for the fishermen.

Continued Support of Teacher Salaries and School Feeding Program

HADPRE continued to support Institution Mixte Union des Apotres (IMUA)’s School Feeding Program and Teacher Salaries. Prior to implementing this program, the school was at a 65% malnutrition rate and since the beginning of the program, the hunger rate has decreased to 7%. IMUA provides
two nutritious meals every day, which guarantees, at minimum, that these kids eat Monday – Friday. The program has also had a direct impact on the students’ success rate, which is currently at 97%. Meanwhile, due to a lack of funds, teachers had previously been volunteering their time to ensure that students could
continue learning. Even though some of these salaries have been retroactively paid, the school continues to struggle to find the funds to keep these salaries sustainable.

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