St Louis du Nord Hospital

St Louis du Nord Hospital

The community reference Hospital – built in 2011 through a partnership between Dr. Else-Kröner Stiftung (EKFS) and Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA) is now running on nearly 100% clean and reliable energy.

In 2020, EKFS facilitated the transition renewable energy through the installation of a roof-top solar array and battery back-up system. The panels were donated by Sigora Solar.

Through EKFS funding, HADPRE also rehabilitated the Hospitals electrical system, supports the head surgeon’s salary, repaired biomedical equipment and was able to provision the Institution with much needed Covid-19 supplies, enabling the staff to take care of patients while protecting themselves.

The Hospital has earned the award of “Best Functioning Public Hospital” in Haiti by the World Bank in 2018 and is the only hospital in the Northwest Province of Haiti with a proper working surgery room providing life-saving medical services for the entire region.


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