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Vocational Training

Lighting enables classes to be taught early in the morning or late at night. Electricity access facilitates the introduction of computers and televisions into the classroom. Electrified schools enable principals to recruit and retain better-qualified teachers and, are correlated with improvements on both test scores and graduation rates.

HADPRE’s Electrification Work

HADPRE also facilitates free electricity to seven schools across three communities in Jean Rabel, Mole St Nicolas and Bombardopolis, making it possible to light-up classrooms for the first time. Students in these communities are benefiting from improved lighting, increasing the available time they have to study, and improving the quality of those hours. Prior to HADPRE, schools operated without lighting and improved media access. Now, schools have access to continuous electricity and internet, which enables teachers to use more advanced teaching tools such as computers and projects, thus enriching the quality of education.

Lycée de la Découverte

Lycée de la Découverte is a 800 student, 20 teacher, co-educational, secondary education school in Mole St Nicolas founded in 1992.

Lycée Louis Joseph Janvier

Lycée Louis Joseph Janvier is a 900 student, 50 teacher, co-educational, secondary education school in Jean Rabel founded in 1988.