Education & Professional Training

Education & Professional Training


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Education & Professional Training

Vocational training is designed to meet the specific needs of employers, which means that students develop the pertinent skills and knowledge that companies are searching for, increasing their likelihood of employability and earning level. In the long-term, vocational training can also aid in increased job mobility and flexibility.

Answering to the lack of qualified staff HADPRE’s vocational training creates a pipeline for promising youngsters that aims to develop personal and technical skills for future employment. Special focus will be laid on the inclusion of women in the technical sector to establish this sector in Haiti from the beginning on gender equal.

To increase the municipality’s independence and future perspective for individuals HADPRE gives professional development trainings for renewable energy providers to better enhance technical and personal skills to ultimately better serve the locality they are operating in.

HADPRE also supports schools and educational opportunities for children. In addition, HADPRE encourages the development of entrepreneurship. This allows small business owners the freedom to pursue their own vision.