Disaster Preparedness & Response

Disaster Preparedness & Response


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Disaster Preparedness & Response

Hurricane preparedness implies the pre-existence of channels and venues of communication as well as standardization of warning content. Currently, word of mouth and radio broadcasts a few days before the natural disaster are the most common method of early warning systems, which does not give citizens such as farmers and small business owners enough time to make the necessary accommodations for livestock and products, respectively. In addition, although the disaster might be announced, municipalities suffer due to the lack adequate disaster preparedness trainings and impede the municipalities’ resilience.

Existing shelters are strengthened and equipped with first aid, food supplies and blankets, tools and water treatment tablets to answer effectively to potential threats, protect the population and prevent the spread of waterborne diseases like cholera. HADPRE establishes shelters and storage warehouses equipped with materials such as water treatment tablets (Aquatabs), tools, etc, prepared in kits that can be deployed to communities both before and after disasters. HADPRE also has a monetary fund that can be accessed quickly to dispense money to the municipalities as needed.